Modular system

Modular system Configure your own individual insole blank from currently approx. 90 different cores from the areas of SPANNTEC®, cork, soft foam and plastic. For this purpose, 31 different top covers, 15 different pads as well as upholstery foams in various shore hardnesses and thicknesses made of latex foam and MEMOPUR® foam (PU) are available. […]


MEMOPUR® Senso: MEMOPUR® Senso offers a simple concept for a smooth supply. The use of sensorimotor insoles creates physiologically correct movement patterns that become automated through daily repetition. In this way, problems of posture, musculature and coordination can be treated in a targeted and meaningful way. Contact us


The “wash me” effect. General insole fitting for diabetics is usually carried out taking into account the physical and design aspects (shore hardness, pressure relief, soft bedding). The hygiene aspect is hardly taken into account, despite its great relevance to the health of diabetics. The new REBALANCE® composite system closes this gap. In addition to […]