The blank for every supply.

The insole blank made of very finely structured, open-cell polyurethane foam for use in the footbed and optimum pressure distribution.

The only insert with the Hydro-Energy-Effect.

The Memopur® base element offers excellent damping properties. The gel elements are precisely adapted to the respective load, act hydrostatically and thus cause an enormous pressure distribution.

Soft edges meet a springy longitudinal arch.

The insole blanks can be individually adapted to the foot due to their thermoplastic deformability property and the included supination wedge.

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What is MEMOPUR®?

MEMOPUR® is a very finely structured, open-cell polyurethane foam. This was specially developed for use in the footbed and ensures optimum pressure distribution. The high-quality material achieves a restoring force of 96%. The possibilities of processing and its properties make it an outstanding insole material. Dakar upper: Dakar is a microfiber fabric specially developed for MEMOPUR® foam. It is so stretchable that it passes on 100% of the properties of the foam.

Benefits at a glance:

Restoring force
preformed - from above and below
moisture absorption
pressure distribution

A-one insert.

From Dakar to Sahara. With or without pad. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Color. Material. MEMOPUR® can do it all.

We use PU foam specially developed for SPANNRIT to manufacture our MEMOPUR® insole blanks in a single computer-aided casting. We have over 120 models in stock for you. You decide how you want your insole blank to be. No more time-consuming grinding or complicated gluing. Minimal adjustments are sufficient. High quality at attractive prices can be that simple.

The MEMOGEL® insole system.

1. upper material: SILVERLINE is the innovative upper material with a ten percent silver content. Has an antibacterial effect and is extremely absorbent.

2. protective layer: Protects the gel elements.

3. gel elements: Are precisely adapted to the respective load. Act hydrostatically and thus cause enormous pressure distribution.

4. MEMOPUR® base element: Offers excellent damping properties and has a high restoring force.

5. core base: Extremely resistant stiffening layer. Gently supports the foot. Musculature can work actively despite correction.

6. heel absorber: Particularly resilient heel absorber with damping properties.

K22 - Extra light and particularly resilient.

The K22 is the first extra light carbon blank from SPANNRIT.

The heel and the base 5 are particularly flexible. The heel thickness is 0.1mm. The plastic is made of a very break-resistant and thermoplastic material that is very easy to form. After grinding, the material can be restored to its translucent appearance by tinting. The K22 can be used as an everyday insole as well as a sports insole.

It is a unique combination of appearance, function and workability – at an unbeatable price.

What is SPANNTEC®?

SPANNTEC® is a concept for manufacturing high-quality plastic blanks by injection molding. It is a combination of soft, flexible plastic at the heel, edges and forefoot and a firm, resilient comfort core in the longitudinal arch and rearfoot area. In this way, synthetic insoles are created to meet the highest demands. No pressure points can develop on the soft edges. The heel is so thin and flexible that the foot is not levered out of the shoe. The top side is provided with an adhesive aid so that it has excellent adhesive properties.

All transitions are smooth due to the special production process – the customer does not feel any edges.

Benefits at a glance:

transitions fluently
Extra thin
heel - 1.2mm
Forefoot flexible
and very thin
All edges
run out to zero
Thermoplastic easy to form

Foot Understanders.

Super thin. Although extremely stable. With a hard core. And soft edges. An inlay blank cannot be better prepared.

We manufacture our SPANNTEC inlay blanks from plastic or cork developed in-house. You determine not only the material, shape and color, but also the type and position of the pad. The cover material. The bonding. Even the thickness of the heel pad. Completely according to your needs. And new for every order, if you like. That’s how customer-friendly collaboration can be.

Inserts for a very special organ!

memopur.senso is the new insole for sensorimotor care. It provides the perfect basis for low-cost manufacturing and production.

1. memopur.senso enables effective restoration according to the most modern principles in insole construction. A total of seven different basic models can be created from three blank types. This creates a professional range of restorations for every workshop with little effort.

2. memopur.senso combines excellent material properties such as dimensional stability and cushioning with very good processing possibilities, e.g. grinding or bonding.

3. direct contact with SPANNRIT with insoles “Made in Germany” means that you do not need to keep stock and can guarantee efficient and customer-oriented insole production with just a few models. Delivery times are thus within a manageable range.

4. memopur.senso supports your work with marketing and information material around the insole supply.

Hand in hand for your success.

mempur.senso creates the freedom you need for your insole construction. Because with memopur.senso blanks, you will meet all the requirements for a sensorimotor fitting.

It is crucial that you always maintain an overview. This is because different supply steps can be defined from one blank. A blank offers you up to three variants so that you are as flexible as the customer requires.

Step 1: Analysis and findings
Load matrix by blueprint or foot scan, optical gait analysis, palpation of the feet.

Step 2: Evaluation of findings and selection of raw material
Preparation of the work sheet and selection of the blank and suitable materials for finishing.

Step 3: Customization of the individual insole
Planning of the insole relief according to indication. Machining and finishing by your specialist workshop.

Step 4: Sale and follow-up care of the customer
Delivery of the insole to the customer. Fitting to the shoes and first test run. Check after the acclimatization period (approx. 14 days) and after four to six months.

Product Catalog

Discover our variety of interlinings from the MEMOPUR®, MEMOGEL® and the SPANNTEC® program as well as our selection of stock items, cash register models, children’s blanks, foam blanks, plastic blanks, cork blanks, components, ceiling materials and modular systems. Furthermore, you will find information about inserts with your imprint in our catalog.

Interlining technology for the craft

Our latest insole innovations. Insoles technology for special applications, such as ballerias, pumps and many more.

Flyer for memopur.senso insert

Learn interesting details about the novel memopur.senso insole. This sensomotoric insole is an insole for a very special organ.

The MEMOGEL® insole system

Browse through the flyer on the MEMOGEL® insole system and learn about its special features, such as the HydroEnergy Effect.

K22 Flyer

The K22 is the extra light blank made of high-tech material from SPANNRIT. Discover the flyer to the very break-resistant and thermoplastic very easily deformable insert.

Attaching the additional rigidus reinforcement

A simple step-by-step guide explains how to attach the additional rigidus reinforcement.

Expose the heel spur area

A simple step-by-step guide explains how to expose the heel spur area.

Glue on top cover with individual pad

A simple step-by-step guide explains the gluing process with an individual pad.

Thermoforming MEMOPUR® Duo Lazr on strips

A simple step-by-step guide explains how to thermoform the MEMOPUR® insert.

Instructions to watch

Duo heel spur exposure

Lazr with thermoforming top cover

Thermoforming Trio Dia

Thermoforming Trio Dia

Trio FSP X14 Rigidus component bonding

Trio semi-glued with individual pad

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