Tradition. Innovation. Quality.

We combine tradition with future.

For over 50 years, we have relied on a healthy mix of tradition and innovation.

Over the past decades, we have built up unique expertise through targeted expansion in the shoe component market, which is constantly incorporated into the development of our products: The portfolio here ranges from wooden heels to clamping sleeves and the production of outsoles to industrial injection molding. In doing so, our entire commitment is to individual and high-quality solutions that convey a correspondingly valuable price-performance ratio.

In a professionally intensive exchange with our customers, we use their extensive experience in a craft rich in tradition and integrate it into the development of state-of-the-art technical solutions. Thus – also based on scientific findings – the entire product range of the SPANNRIT insole was developed.

Technology and know-how make it possible: individual insole production within a few days.

Innovative technology

The injection molding machine fills the cavity of the insole blank with plastic, easily replacing six work steps. The result is a SPANNTEC® base blank without transitions, with a soft edge and a load-bearing core. Available in plastic or cork.

Modular system

Our employees now process this blank manually according to your wishes. You determine the design, the material of the ceiling and the type of bonding.

Fast delivery

Thanks to the pre-assembly by our computer-aided machines, delivery times for large and small quantities remain equally short. We deliver ready-made insoles according to your wishes from the existing range within a few days.

Turned his hobby into a profession.

It all started with an allergy to solvents.

If something needs to be done more efficiently, it’s best to bring in someone from outside the industry. Who questions the processes. And logically rethinks.

This is exactly how Roland Katzer did it at SPANNRIT. As a career changer, he took over the family business in the third generation. “There’s got to be a better way to do this in terms of quality,” he thought to himself as he glued together the insole components for his customers by hand back then. The trigger was his allergy to oil and solvents. So the technology fan fiddled around until, together with his mechanical engineer, he had optimized the production processes down to the smallest detail. Eight patents resulted from this. Even today, they are used in almost all products.

Today 18 computer-aided machines take over the part of the work that even the most skilled hand would not be able to do with such precision. All inserts are made of continuous materials without transitions or edges. The blanks are then individualized by hand. Every single one for every single order. Computer-aided only where it makes sense. Everything else handmade. Always with the best end result in mind. For you. And thus also for your customers.

The history of SPANNRIT GmbH.

For a sustainable future.

Sustainability is not a foreign word to us.

We are committed to protecting the environment and sustainability by using renewable energy sources and minimizing our waste production. We also consider the impact of our supply chain and seek to strengthen our partnerships with companies that share our goals.