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Experience for the future of orthopedics

Technology is our passion

In the fast-growing markets in the field of orthopedic products and services it makes economic sense, the development of new ideas even more effective. A changing market situation of orthopedic companies still requires more flexible action with innovative supply solutions, such as the SPANNRIT-Memopur® insoles.

SPANNRIT makes this development with conviction and enthusiasm for high-quality product solutions to. We manufacture all our products on our own high-tech production lines. From filling the plant to the finished product remains in the entire production process in our hands and under our control. In this way we can make the results according to the wishes of our customers manage and hand in hand with scientific input timely solutions to all of the desired top-quality.

The Ideas from today are the innovations of tomorrow and our advance for tomorrow and beyond.

Reliability. Innovation. Appreciation.

In the area of innovation SPANNRIT belong to the leading companies. We are the only manufacturer in Germany, from plastic pellets to the finished disc deposits manufactures all the components themselves - six patents are here for r appropriate expertise. We produce one of the most deposits productionmachines Europe. In the computer-controlled Memopur ® foam system, the forms with inserts regular foam is embedded, responded and the feet be removed and trimmed. The plant can be in each section separately with manufacturing data confirm and produces almost infinite variations of form and materials.

The advantages are obvious: The production time and precision of the products will be optimized, the production depth and the production divisity will be increased - and this with competivitve prices.