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Experience for the future of orthopedics

Unique insoles for the future of orthopedics

We strive to maximize in every respect: standardization, processing and individuality. Therefore, we work primarily with customer-specific insole concepts. Through our computer-controlled manufacturing facility, we can offer timely, customer-oriented solutions, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

With memopur®, we have implemented a special insole idea: the polyurethane foam forms a network giving a structure with a restoring force approaching 100%. There is an easy-to-mold thermoplastic stiffening core sealed within the foam. This allows machining right to the core with no loss of quality. The material has good adhesive qualities all round, and is pre-formed from both sides.

The SPANNTEC® program, on the other hand, appeals because of its soft borders. The forefoot and heel areas are extremely flexible and thin, while all edges taper to zero.

Technology has to be understood, developed, driven forward.

Quality: the product of the affection to the work.

German craft. Creative technique.

All components are internal or specifically manufactured for Spannrit. Even individual insoles are delivered within a few days. Standstill looks different.

When the injection molding machine fills the cavity of the blank insole with plastic, the single materials flow into each other like liquids.The machine replace easily six manual work steps by hand. The result is a Spanntec basic blank without transitions, with soft edge and a supporting core. Optionally made of plastic or cork. Our employees work on this blank manually according to the wishes of our customers. Implementation and position of the pad. Material of the cover. Type of the bonding. Thickness of the heel cushion. Like a modular system, our customers put together their individual insole with every single order.

Thanks to the prepackaging by our computer-aided machines the delivery times for big and small quantities remain equally short. The variety of shape, material and colour is endless. Currently we lead 17,000 articles in our assortment. All components are internal developments and are made especially for Spannrit. Not only the polyurethane foam for Memo-pure or all the other components – also the machines were modified especially for Spannrit. Made in Germany. From forefoot to heel. The exact composition according to customer specifications reduces the adaptation time to a minimum. No long grinding. No troublesome deformation. Or complicated gluing. Maximum efficiency for maximum quality.

Your advantages with the SPANNRIT GmbH
  • Fast delivery

  • Individual offers

  • Partner with many years experience in the field of shoe components

  • Products "Made in Deutschland"

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