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Configure your own individual insole blank from currently approx. 90 different cores from the SPANNTEC®, cork, soft foam and plastic areas. For this, there are 31 different upper materials, 15 different pads as well as pad foams in various kinds of Shore hardness and thicknesses made of Latex foam and MEMOPUR® foam (PU) at your disposal.

All materials are bonded with each other without using any solvents. The type of finish, whether fully bonded or only tacked to heels, loose upper material, etc., can be freely selected. Your responsible field representative will be happy to give you advice on this.

Benefits at a glance:
  • 90 different cores
  • 31 different upper materials
  • 15 different pads
  • Padding foams of different Shore hardness and materials
  • freely selectable finish types

SPANNTEC® – Part no. S2341001806 / S2341A37A1806AAP148

FOAM BLANKS – Part no. W3175 / W4175A31A0062AHP25

PLASTIC BLANKS – Part no. K1410 / K1410A34A1060ABP04

Modular System

Our unique modular system allows us to offer solutions for nearly any requirement.