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Experience for the future of orthopedics


MEMOPUR® SENSO offers a simple concept for smooth support. Through the use of sensorimo-tor insoles, physiologically correct movement sequences are created that are automated through daily repetition. Thus, problems of posture, musculature and coordination are dealt with in a targeted and meaningful manner.

MEMOPUR® SENSO – Part no. M6537001498

MEMOPUR® SENSO – Part no. M6737001498

MEMOPUR® SENSO – Part no. M6527001498

Hand in hand for your success

memopur.senso gives your insole production the freedom it needs. With memopur.senso blanks you will be able to satisfy all sensomotoric care requirements. One blank allows different care procedures to be defined. A single blank offers you up to three different variants so that you can remain flexible enough to satisfy the demands of your customers.

Step 1:
Analysis and results
Pressure matrix via blueprint or foot scan, visual gait analysis, palpation of feet.

Step 2:
Evaluation of results and selection of blanks
Creation of work sheet and selection of the blank as well as suitable materials for production.

Step 3:
Adjustment of individual insoles
Design of insole relief according to indication. Processing and finishing in your own facilities.

Step 4:
Sale and customer aftercare
Delivery of the insole to the customer. Alteration to fit shoe and initial test walk. Check-up after "acclimatisation" period (approx14 days) and again after four to six months.