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memogel® – The only contribution to the HydroEnergy-Effect. A selective relief is achieved by the specific arrangement of gel areas. The gel behaves hydrostatically. This means: It adapts optimally to your movement sequence and thus releases exactly the energy that is currently required.

MEMOGEL® – Part no. M7381530076F01

MEMOGEL® – Part no. M73B81530076F02

MEMOGEL® – Part no. M73C81530076F03

  1. Upper material: SILVERLINE is the innovative upper material containing 10 % silver, has an antibacterial function and is very absorbent.

  2. Protective layer: Protecs the gel elements.

  3. Gel elements: Adapt to the relevant strain precisely. Have a hydrostatic function and as such ensure a tremendous pressure distribution.

  4. memopur®-basis element: Offers outstanding cushioning characteristics and possesses high restoring forces.

  5. Core base: Extremly durable stiffening layer. Gently protecs the foot. Muscles can actively work, despite rectification.

  6. Heel absorber: Extra resilient heel absorber with damping characteristics.