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Experience for the future of orthopedics


The children‘s blanks are characterised by their smooth edges; thus the risk of pressure sores is significantly reduced. The spring in the longitudinal arch forces the muscles to remain active and promotes their continued development.

The insole blanks can be fitted closely to the child‘s foot through the good moul-ding properties of the thermoplastic and the inclusion of the supination wedge. This allows you to respond to customer needs with flexibility

Benefits at a glance:
  • easy to grind
  • good adhesion
  • 96 % restoring force
  • preformed – from above and below
  • high moisture absorption
  • optimal pressure distribution
  • machine washable

MEMOPUR® KIDS – Part no. M8864290052

MEMOPUR® KIDS – Part no. M8870290052

SPANNTEC® KIDS – Part no. M6164290098

SPANNTEC® KIDS – Part no. S9140290044

SPANNTEC® KIDS – Part no. S9140331044A20

SENSO KIDS – Part no. C5030

SENSO KIDS – Part no. W5290025

Insoles for small feet, that want to walk healthily.

Through the use of sensorimotor insoles, physiologically correct move-ment sequences are created that are automated through daily repetition. Thus, problems of posture, musculature and coordination are dealt with in a targeted and meaningful manner.