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Experience for the future of orthopedics

SPANNRIT successfully presented at the "ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK" 2013

Together with all the major companies in the orthopedic shoe industry, we presented at the 23th and 24th October important new developments at the "ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK" 2013 in Cologne. This fair is an important event for the orthopedic shoe technology industry, and has made clear by a grown off 20% that this market can be expected in future with further growth.

The approximately 3,300 visitors were able to gain insights into the fast pace of progress in the materials used, as well as in processing technology. "It is important to motivate with exciting new market participants to attend a trade show," says Roland Katzer. With our new Carbotec insoles with thermo-change system, we were able to present an innovative product at our stand, which consists a microwaveactive plastic. The insole is after activation in the microwave soft inside and malleable and warm outside. Developed by SPANNRIT Carbotec-Einlagenroling is optimal for the processing and inspired many visitors at our stand.

Roland Katzer said, "For SPANNRIT ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK was a great success. Many visitors from all over the world attended for face-to-face discussions and found out about our products. In the clinical and orthopedic markets it is important to keep abreast of technological progress and medical developments and to put these ideas into practice."