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Experience for the future of orthopedics

Innovative materials for modern insert blank concepts

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It depends on the material. This is also the case with deposit blanks. That is why at SPANNRIT we rely on the latest products on the market and specially developed fabrics. Thus, we offer our customers the assurance that the foam and the individual components of the blank match perfectly.

For example, we have developed a special microfibre fabric for the MEMOPUR®: Dakar. It is so stretchable that it gives the properties of the foam to 100%. The MEMOGEL® is made of the innovative material Silverline in the area of the upper, which has an antibacterial effect due to a ten percent silver content and is extremely absorbent. Another innovation is the composite system REBALLANCE®. In addition to classic orthopedic shoe technology, it also offers the possibility of washing in the washing machine. Germs can be reduced by adding a hygiene washer. Further information can be found in our new catalog.