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Experience for the future of orthopedics

Tailored blank production

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For a long time, SPANNRIT has been an efficient partner of many orthopedic shoe technology companies and medical supply stores. And not without reason: our large product portfolio includes insert blanks for every requirement.

The MEMOPUR® blanks are characterized by a very finely structured polyurethane foam, which ensures optimum pressure distribution. The MEMOGEL® insole system offers excellent cushioning properties thanks to the base element and has a hydrostatic effect thanks to the gel elements. SPANNTEC® is a concept for the production of high quality plastic blanks by injection molding. Special children's blanks, sensorimotor blanks, foam and plastic blanks complete our offer.

We are setting new standards in the subject of customization: not only is it possible to print your logo on the insert but also to choose a modern upholstery fabric with print that suits the final insert. Thus, the blanks are made to your liking, to be subsequently adapted by you to helpers for everyday life.