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Experience for the future of orthopedics


SPANNTEC® is a concept for producing high quality plastic blanks
by injection molding. It is a combination of a soft flexible plastic
for the heel, edge and forefoot areas and a solid, springy comfort core
in the longitudinal arch and hindfoot. This allows these insoles for meet the highest demands. The soft edges mean that no pressure points can occur. The heel is so thin and flexible that the foot is not levered out of the shoe. The upper surface is designed with gluing in mind, giving the insole exceptional adhesive properties.

Our special production methods ensure all borders are smooth – the customer does not feel any edges.

  • no borders can be felt

  • particularly thin heel – 1,2 mm

  • very thin and flexible forefoot

  • all edges taper to zero

  • soft edges

  • thermoplastic easily molded

SPANNTEC® product overview

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